Welcome DELP newbies

Congratulations to the DELP class of 2014-2016! Soon you will meet in DC to receive a formal orientation on all things DELP and ASAE. Afterwards, your class will travel to Detroit to meet your fellow DELPers for our annual reunion. There will be some laughs, some happy tears, some learning and a lot of fun! Before we get there, let me share a few words of wisdom with you.

1. DELP is what you make it. Give some thought to what you want the next two years and beyond to look like. Do you have a specific career goal in mind? Do you aspire to ASAE leadership? Whatever it is, put yourself in the mindset to take advantage of every opportunity presented to you through DELP.

2. To Whom Much Is Given, Much Will Be Required. You will gain so much from DELP: professional development, networking opportunities, and new contacts just to name a few. As DELP scholars, we are to volunteer on boards and committees; write for ASAE and other publications; present at conferences and offer their time and talents as needed.

3. Prepare to have your life forever changed. You may think you just applied for a professional development program. You didn’t. You joined a family of high achievers who look out for each other. We bring out the best in each other. When one succeeds, we all succeed. By the end of the weekend, you will gain over 100 brothers and sisters who will understand your challenges and help you find solutions.

So newbies, get ready. This is the start of a long, successful journey. See you in The D!


6 thoughts on “Welcome DELP newbies

  1. Stef, I love this message. It immediately took me back four years to when I attended my DELP orientation. From that June day in 2010, I began a professional and personal journey that has been truly life-altering. I remember hearing similar advice to what you have provided, and I thought well heck, I am not sure what I want or where I want to go. Instead, I sat in that room feeling like a bit of imposter. All of these highly talented and driven professionals, what the heck can I offer this group? Well, after that orientation and weekend with the larger DELP family, I began to create relationships and get new ideas that fueled a desire to find my leadership legs and use them! DELP has changed my life, and if you let it, newbies, it will change yours too. Can’t wait to meet the group this weekend!

  2. Artesha, you stand as a testament of how DELP can change one’s life. Years later and you’re still reaping the benefits of your experience. Thanks for commenting!

  3. So, I’m not going to outright steal your words, but I am going to print this and share with the group and encourage them to follow your blog. 🙂

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