To the new DELP Scholars

Congratulations on your selection to the 2013-2015 Diversity Executive Leadership Program! Consider yourself among the very fortunate to have this opportunity. This program is competitive. Very competitive. For many of you, this was your second, third or even fourth application. And you finally got in. If you think the hard part is over, think again.

You now have to contend with those who don’t understand why DELP exists. You have to deal with misconceptions such as DELP being a program for junior-level professionals. However, you only have one real question to answer: how can I take this wonderful opportunity and make the most of it? Luckily, you have over 100 colleagues who have been there, done that and ready to provide assistance. Many have taken their DELP experience and turned it into a promotion at work or a board chairmanship or have started their own business.

What will you do with your DELP experience? Give it some serious thought. Because your journey doesn’t end when your DELP years are over. It’s only the beginning. Make the most of these next two years. Make friends. Make contacts. But don’t forget to have fun. Good luck with your orientation and I look forward to meeting you in Detroit.



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