When life gets in the way

You may have noticed that my blog posts have slowed down to a crawl. My goal when I started Association Advocacy Chick was to produce fresh content at least twice a month. However, it seems like I’m lucky to get one post up per month.

While the mind is willing, the time just isn’t there right now. Don’t worry. I have no plans to stop Association Advocacy Chick (or blogging for that matter) any time soon. I love it too much and still have a lot to say. I’m just trying to get a handle on this schedule of mine. My plan is to get back on track later this month with my annual May is Mental Health Month post. Thanks to everyone who supports and reads this blog.

Talk to you later.



2 thoughts on “When life gets in the way

  1. Always good to know that others find themselves in that same time crunch! There just are not enough hours in the day to do everything we need to do as a professional, a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter and an active person who takes care of herself. Hang in there. You do a great job of inspiring us all.

  2. Yes, your thoughts were missed. Wouldn’t it be great if our thoughts could be automatically transcribed, in a cogent way, onto our blogs so we could devote time to more?! As Susan said, you do inspire and you also provide a wonderful respite from the world of silly words. When you write, we will listen.

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