A Scandalous lesson in social media

I’m a huge fan of the hit ABC drama Scandal starring Kerry Washington. Washington plays Olivia Pope, a person who makes a living “fixing” things whether it’s covering up a liaison in a congressman’s office or throwing a presidential election. With its legions of fans taking to social media daily to discuss all things Scandal, the show decided to embrace the chatter.

Outside of their Facebook page and Twitter feed, the show hosts a live Twitter chat each week (#AskScandal) where fans can talk to some of the stars and producers including Judy Smith, the inspiration for the Olivia Pope character.  There are fan sites with everything from in-depth analysis to blog posts on what Washington wore on the show. All of this energy makes Thursday nights at 10 pm a community event with every little plot twist dissected up to the cliffhanger at the end of each episode. More importantly, it leaves the fans wanting more and more each week.

So what can those of us in the association community take from this? We should learn to embrace social media for our benefit. Provide our members with memorable, exciting experiences. Give them the opportunity to talk to us about what’s really going on in the association community and how we can work together to make it a better place.

scandal screenshot


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