ASAE12: The aftermath

This will be the first of two posts about ASAE12. I have so many thoughts about the last few days that I needed to spread them out. Today’s post is about my time there and a very special afternoon I had.

Overall, I enjoyed ASAE12. I loved seeing my association friends and DELPers as well as making new contacts. It’s like a family reunion mixed with summer camp over four short days. The sessions were top notched as usual. From the mobile playground to having at least one GR session per day, ASAE truly listened to their members. I liked the opening session. I know politics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I saw the Carville/Rove interaction for what it was: two men putting on a show for the audience. I had to miss most of the closing session but was happy to see my former association’s CEO Arlene Pietranton become Chair-elect of the ASAE Board and Chair of the Foundation.

However, what made ASAE12 so special for me were the actions of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau (@visit_dallas). As many of you know, my first day in Dallas was not that great. My flight took off 1 1/2 hours late causing me to miss my connection. When I finally arrived in Dallas, I learned that my bag containing my Redskins jersey for the opening party was left in Houston. My friend and fellow DELPer Alison Heron decided to wait with me at our hotel for my bag to be delivered once it arrived at DFW. Unfortunately, by the time we realized that the bag was not going to arrive in time for the opening party, we had missed the last shuttle to Cowboys stadium. For these two die-hard ‘Skins fans, we were heartbroken.

Fast forward to Monday. By accident, we learned that tours of the stadium were available to the public through Ticketmaster. We promptly got tickets for the VIP tour Tuesday afternoon and looked for a way to get to and from the stadium. Cabs would cost upwards of $50 each way. So I got on Twitter and contacted the Dallas CVB about our situation. Dallas promptly messaged me to say that a ride was arranged to pick us up from our hotel to take us round trip to the stadium. Imagine our surprise when we went outside and found this.

Yes, Dallas CVB sent Alison and I to Cowboys Stadium in a limo!!! We were overwhelmed by the gesture. Once inside, we were like two kids in a candy store. We had so much fun at the expense of our tour guide and security guards who couldn’t believe we showed up in our Redskins jerseys for a tour of Cowboys stadium.  Ali and I want to thank Dallas CVB for one of the best afternoons we’ve ever experienced. When they say everything is bigger in Texas, they obviously meant their hearts.


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