Same script, different cast?

I like college football.  But, for the life of me, I do not understand the Bowl Championship Series also known as the BCS.  The BCS was created with the understanding that 10 of the top ranked teams would be showcased as the top two teams battle it out for the National Title.  While we can all agree that the top two teams should have the honor of playing for the #1 ranking, the selection process for the other 8 teams is a bit hazy.  So much so that those involved are accused of making at-large selections solely based on potential TV ratings and the ability to fill hotels.  In other words, teams with better name recognition have a greater chance of getting into a preferred bowl game than teams without.

When we’re thinking about speakers for association conferences, are we following the same model?  We all want someone engaging, thoughtful and intelligent as speakers.  If they also have name recognition in the community, well that’s icing on the cake.  However, what about those who are just as good, if not better, but not as well-known?  Being invisible can be a harsh reality for someone looking for their opportunity to shine.  What are we doing to make sure the Boise States of the association community get their moment in the spotlight?


3 thoughts on “Same script, different cast?

  1. Great post! I feel like this goes back to our CAE Reunion convo about making it “safe to fail” and encouraging risk. It’s great to have a dependable roster of speakers who have a great evaluation record, but you won’t discover new talent unless you give someone unknown, perhaps with lesser credentials but terrific ideas, a shot. Every speaker has to have a first presentation.

  2. The BCS is a terrible way to decide a national champion, just as using the same lineup of speakers is a terrible way to create a dynamic conference. One point that gets lost here is that Boise State is a missed field goal away from playing LSU for all the marbles this year. Had Boise hit that FG against TCU, they’d be the only other undefeated team. What does this have to do with your point? Make the most of your opportunities and be tenacious in pursuit of your goals. Not all of the chosen ones got there because they’re part of some secret old boys club (although we all know that can happen). Some of them are there because of hard work and persistent excellence. Keep submitting those proposals, pushing the envelope and hitting those last minute field goals, and soon you’ll be in the big game you deserve.

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