I’m thankful for my parents Jean and James and my siblings, Tasha and James Jr. even during those times when I swear I was adopted.

I’m thankful for being single when I could be trapped in a loveless relationship.  I know that very soon, I will be with that one great guy.

I’m thankful for my health and wellbeing.  There’s room for improvement, but I’m happy that I’m on my way to finding my physical and mental health sweet spot.

I’m thankful for having a career that I love as a lobbyist.  I’ve had more good employers than bad.  I’ve had more good bosses than bad.  I have a job I enjoy that pays me a livable wage that allows me to bless others.  Not too many can say that even in a good economy.

I’m thankful for my friends.  Those I grew up with.  Those I met only a few months ago. Whether we met through mutual friends or work, you all mean the world to me.  I’m especially thankful for Reed Franklin and Hoey Best, two friends who are no longer here in body, but will always be here in spirit.

I’m thankful for the association community.  Despite the challenges we face, we are committed to helping one another learn, grow, and succeed.  If it wasn’t for you, this blog wouldn’t exist.

Finally, I’m thankful for you.  Those who read this blog.  Those who tweet or retweet the posts.  Those who contribute as guest bloggers or commentators.  Those who found this blog by accident.

Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for the happiest, healthiest holiday season imaginable.


One thought on “Thankful

  1. And I am thankful for you and your insights and thus to your parents who gave you life and who, even if you were adopted, must’ve had a great influence on you. I am thankful for your words and actions and that we both are in a community where we can share those ideas.

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