What blogging and the Foo Fighters taught me about acceptance

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending Progress U’s Blogger Summit (PUBS) sponsored by DelCor Technology Solutions. Led by the lovely and talented KiKi L’Italien, I spent an entire day learning from some of the best association bloggers in the world (yes, they’re that good). How can you miss with a line up that included Maddie Grant, Jamie Notter, Maggie McGary, Jeff De Cagna, and Deirdre Reid? Topics included developing content, using blogs for advocacy (LOVE!), getting motivated to blog and so much more. Not only did I attend the summit, I was also asked to speak on a couple of panels. At that point, I started doubting myself. I don’t have the experience (or followers) of the other speakers. I’m a newbie. What could I possibly add to this conversation?  For all of my bellyaching, I put my fears aside and contributed. Turns out, people did care about what I had to say.

The following evening marked an important milestone for this music fan: my first Foo Fighters concert. I’m not a fan of alternative rock, but I love this group. The music is just so good. When I saw them on SNL, I swore that their concert will be my next big rock show after seeing U2 in Baltimore over the summer. Little did I know that Foo would shortly thereafter schedule a stop at the Verizon Center. Since most of my friends do not share my schizophrenic taste in music, I got my single ticket in Section 118, row w, seat 7. As I walked into the venue, I suddenly felt nervous. Clearly, I was going to be in the minority in so many ways at this concert. However, after two hours and 45 minutes of singing, dancing and laughing at Dave Grohl, the only person who cared that I was the only black person in that section was me.

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. These events took place because I needed to learn once again that yes, I did belong. No one at the blogger summit or the concert cared about my years of experience or race. The only thing that mattered was that I wanted to be there to take part in this shared experience. Thank you PUBS and Foo for showing me acceptance in its purest form.


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