The following is an association fairy tale or is it?

Once upon a time, there was an association princess who had a task force report magically dropped into her lap. She reviewed it and discovered a number of wonderful new projects based on the results. With the help of her fairy godmother (her boss), the association princess set out to spread the word of the report findings to her subjects (the members and general public). Soon, proclamations (legislation, media outreach and congressional briefings) were trumpeted throughout the kingdom. The subjects were very grateful to the association princess for the good work she was doing. This did not sit well with the wicked witch (the staff liaison to the task force) who hated the report and quite honestly, the association princess. The wicked witch tried in vain to get rid of both. However, protected by her fairy godmother, the association princess’ efforts continued to thrive.

All the attention she received led to an invitation to the Ball.  There, the association princess met the handsome prince (an award) who fawned over the good work she did with the task force report. Her fairy godmother spread the word far and wide (by email) about the association princess’ good fortune. The wicked witch was pissed. “If it wasn’t for MY report, she would never have the prince!” she remarked. The fairy godmother responded, “When you no longer cared about the task force report and dropped it into the association princess’ lap, it was no longer your report.” Stung by the fairy godmother’s tongue-lashing, the wicked witch retreated to her evil lair (her large corner office).

And the association princess lived happily ever after (or until the wicked witch decides to go after her again).


6 thoughts on “The following is an association fairy tale or is it?

  1. Stef, thanks for sharing this tale. I think it is something that many association princesses and princes can relate to. I see this tale where the morale of the story is to stay true to who you are and what you believe in (you know I’m ALL about authenticity). Also, my grandmother would always say when something deservingly bad would happen to a mean, negative person, “Baby, God don’t like ugly”, meaning those who act out with bad behavior to harm and hurt others through words and actions will not be rewarded. So, we have to push forward and spread the wonderful ideas, energy and creativity to all those who want and need it. For the rest, they will get theirs for their ugly ways!

    And, yes, Joan, you are right– a tiara is a MUST!

  2. Artesha,
    Thank you so much for replying to my post. I wanted to do a post on haters with this scenario in mind. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about Cinderella and this is the result. This story is based something that happened to a colleague and yes, she hasn’t let her wicked witch slow her down.

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