When no turns into something great

I’m a Beyoncé fan.  She’s a great singer who knows the meaning of showmanship.  As a fan, I’m not in love with her new record, but I have develop a fondness for her current radio hit Best Thing I Never Had.  The song tells of the virtues of finding out that the love of your life was a complete jerk before it was too late.  I was listening to this song earlier today and made a striking observation.

I have back to back conferences starting with APA11 in DC on August 3.  On August 6, I take off my staffer hat and put on my member hat as I head to St. Louis for ASAE11.  At ASAE11, I will be giving an Ignite presentation and one other presentation that I’ll keep as a secret for now ;).  With those activities, my DELP commitments, sessions, and networking, ASAE11 will be four days of utter chaos for me. 

If you remember from a previous post, I submitted a proposal for a session at ASAE11 that was eventually rejected.  Looking back, I’m so happy it was.  If it wasn’t for the rejection, I wouldn’t have challenged myself to do the Ignite presentation.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, presenters have 5 minutes and 20 slides (auto advanced every 15 seconds) to make their point.  This is a much riskier proposition than my proposal which called for a three-person panel talking about government relations.   

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason.  The jobs I didn’t get led me to APA.  The boyfriend who didn’t love me enough to marry me led to a very fulfilling life.  The rejected proposal led to a bigger challenge that forces me out of my comfort zone.  I still plan to submit proposals for future ASAE annual meetings.  However, for ASAE11, it’s 5 minutes of going crazy and partying like it’s 1999.


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