Technology – Making my life simple one bag at a time

I love bags.  I have way more than should be allowed by law.  However, I must confess that most are more functional than stylish. My work bags tend to follow a certain pattern: large with at least one external pocket (yawn).  At the beginning of the year, I started carrying a large beige bag.  It was simple, classic with a few modern touches.  Most importantly, I could carry everything (and I mean everything) in that thing.  It became the bottomless pit of my existence.

Then it dawned on me.  The only reason I even carried a large bag was to be able to bring files home from work.  Files that were now available electronically.  Then came the epiphany or the biggest duh moment in history.  I have an iPad and have just heard of this cool web-based file management software called Dropbox.  Why don’t I use them to access files when I away from the office?  With a few clicks, all of the files I routinely review and work on from home were on a portable device with a nice large screen.  No longer did I have to haul multiple folders to and from the office.  Now they were on my iPad along with my magazines and books.

Suddenly, I no longer needed my large security blanket work bag.  I could shed it for something smaller, more compact, dare I say, even sexier?  Thanks to a recent shopping trip to DSW Shoes, I now have a fab milk chocolate bag that’s large enough to hold my iPad, wallet, keys and other necessities, but small enough not to be considered a fire hazard.  It looks great whether I’m on the Hill or enjoying an evening out with friends.  Best of all, my back and arms love me again.

As far as my large bags, they do make excellent carry-on luggage.


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