If at first you don’t succeed…

One of my first AAC blog posts discussed the ASAE’s 2010 annual meeting and what I learned from it.  One of my points highlighted a lack of government relations programming.  Knowing that more than a few of my GR colleagues attend annual as well as association executives prepping for the CAE exam, I felt that we were being shortchanged.  So, I did what anyone in my position would’ve done: I decided to submit a proposal for 2011.  I contacted one of my fellow lobbyists and over the course of the next three months developed a draft proposal.  We even contacted one of her former EDs to serve as a co-panelist.   We reviewed and edited, counting down to that fateful Friday in December when I submitted the proposal.

Then in mid-January, I got the news: our session was not accepted.

I was hurt.  Rejection is never easy, but when it comes at the hand of professional colleagues, it tends to sting even more.  You tend to question yourself.  “Did I write too much?”  “Was the title not sexy enough?”  “Do I even qualify to submit a presentation?” I felt like all of the work my co-panelists and I put into this effort was a waste.  However, time heals all wounds and looking back, I’m glad I followed through on a goal I set for myself after ASAE10.   For those of you who will be presenting in St. Louis, congratulations and good luck.  As for me, there’s always 2012…


2 thoughts on “If at first you don’t succeed…

  1. Well, boo! Government relations is a huge topic for associations and I wonder if there are other sessions that were selected v. the one you submitted. (Did you check? Let us all know.) More, ensure that others chime in to ASAE about the need for these sessions. Peer pressure helps.

  2. Thanks Joan for your always thoughtful response. I’m aware of at least one session selected, but not sure what the topic is. This is only the beginning of my quest to add more programming.

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