Welcome to 2011 – the password is better

Every year around this time, I make a list of 10 goals I want to accomplish by 11:59 pm eastern time on December 31.  Like everyone else, I want to drop a few pounds, exercise more and spend quality time with family and friends.  However this year, I decided not to make a list.  Why?  Because I only have one goal: to be me, only better. 

What does better mean to me?  It’s the recognition that I’m advancing to the next level.  All of the familiar resolutions point to a common theme: to improve upon one’s current state.  So why are we torturing ourselves with the details when we should focus on the big picture?  Sure, I can tell myself that I’m going to the gym three times a week.  However, it only takes a last-minute assignment or some other excuse to derail my entire plan, not just for the week, but for the rest of the year.  However, if I tell myself I want to improve my health, I’ve just expanded my options which can withstand any number of obstacles. 

So what will I do to in 2011 to be a better person?  Make small changes that will have a big impact.  Take a chance on the unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  Stop investigating the possibility of doing and actually do it.  Being better isn’t without its challenges.  We can’t achieve without some level of sacrifice.  What will you do this year to become a better person?

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