A little help from my friends

Having a blog presents a number of opportunities.  It gives me a chance to express my views as an association lobbyist who’s also a DELP scholar.  Soon, it will also be a vehicle to showcase the writings of some of my fellow scholars.  There’s tremendous talent within DELP and it’s only fair that I share it with the rest of the association community.  In the next few weeks, you’ll hear from two of them.

First off will be my fellow 2008-2009 DELP classmate Shawn Boynes, CAE.  Shawn is Senior Director of Education for APIC – Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology and received his CAE this past May.  He has blogged for ASAE’s Acronym and was one of the featured bloggers during ASAE10. 

Following Shawn will be Aaron Wolowiec, CMP, CAE, member of the 2009-2011 DELP class.  Aaron is Director of Education and Associate Partnerships for the Health Care Association of Michigan. He’s chair of ASAE’s Young Association Executive Committee, fellow YAPstar and has his own blog, aaronwolowiec.com.  

I’m looking forward to their posts and hope that you’ll find them interesting as well.



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