There’s a tiger in the bathroom: Lessons from my Vegas weekend

Last week, I took a little break and celebrated my birthday with some friends in Las Vegas. At the same time, many of my association colleagues were there attending BlogWorld 2010, billed as the world’s largest social media conference. While I’ve enjoyed many of the conference recaps, my favorite thus far is KiKi L’Italien’s Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do at BlogWorld. So, in honor of KiKi’s list, here are my top 10 lessons learned during my Vegas weekend. 
1. Never agree to an extra shot of tequilla in a yard of margarita.

2. If you’re going to drink a yard of margarita, hot dogs will not help absorb the alcohol.

3. Everyone in Vegas works for tips. EVERYONE.

4. It’s always better to watch other people lose their money.

5. Dancing in fitted jeans and flat sandals > dancing in a fitted dress and heels.

6. Ladies, always bring flats and a purse large enough to carry your heels in.  Club bouncers frown upon bare feet on the dance floor. 

7. There’s nothing wrong with having clothes that will only see the light of day in Vegas.

8. Never try to reason with anyone named Ray Ray.

9. Sadly, the best deal on a Vegas show was not from Twitter, but a magazine ad.

10. Start now to plan the next trip.


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