Fridays with Kiki and Maddie

Earlier today, I had the esteemed honor of being a guest on Delcor Social Media’s Sweet Spot hosted by the fabulous Kiki L’Italien with the equally fabulous Maddie Grant.  Sweet Spot is a live weekly half-hour webcast (longer when Maddie co-host) on Ustream that highlights the week in associations and social media.  It’s a fast-paced, energetic look at the cool things your colleagues are doing that may not get a lot of attention in other circles.

If you haven’t seen an episode, shame on you.  However, because I’m a nice person, I’ve included the link to Sweet Spot’s Ustream channel:  Today’s topics range from diversity and the DELP program to possible collaborations at ASAE11 (did someone say dance-a-thon?).

It was an amazing hour that went by too quickly.  I want to thank Kiki and Maddie for not only inviting me to hang out with them, but also welcoming me into the association blogging community with open arms.



2 thoughts on “Fridays with Kiki and Maddie

  1. What a killer post! I have a vague relationship with associations (only through any meeting and event technology needs), so for the most part my relativity to Maddie and Kiki is loose, at best.

    However, I will tune in whenever I have the chance to hear Kiki or Maddie talk. They have the most ridiculous combination of dynamic, intelligent and fun energy. What a knockout pair!!

    I’m already planning on ASAE11 simply to have the chance to interact with these two again – and that’s a testament to their marvelous-ness 🙂

    Midori Connolly, Chief AVGirl

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